ballot box smMarin Grassroots helps low-income families cope with their daily expenses. Our organization focuses mainly on neighborhoods of color, mostly immigrants. People who barely make ends meet are our top priority.

Within the current economic context, it’s more important than ever to find resources for low-income families quickly. Financial aid comes in two primary forms: grants and loans. Grants are financial aid that does not need to be repaid. Loans must be repaid later with interest. In addition, financial assistance also comes in many different forms, including scholarships and work-study programs.

Scholarships need not be repaid, and work-study programs provide jobs through which students earn money to help pay for their education. On top of that, charity organizations offer financial aid, especially in urgent situations.

We help residents with low-income access a series of governmental grants. Our services are free of charge. Theoretically, the beneficiaries can apply on their own. However, they often find it difficult and may overlook important details. Our experience allows us to estimate what sort of financial aid they have a chance to receive. We thus direct them first to apply where they have better chances of approval.

If you are one of the residents with a low income, we can help you get help when you need it:

  • Emergency funds for rent and utilities;
  • Help to pay for electricity;
  • Back-to-school money to prep your children for a new school year;
  • Funds for a medical check-up or treatment;
  • Financial support to organize a funeral for a family member.

Other than that, there is non-monetary support to help needy residents. For instance, some programs provide food, shelter, or babysitting services. You wouldn’t get any money per se, but you would save from your current budget.

Unfortunately, not all low-income residents qualify for grants or other programs. In those cases, we can help them apply for a loan. Their top three choices are personal, installment, and payday loans. The first one rarely works out, mainly because most applicants have poor credit. The other two are easier to get in comparison. Payday loans allow you to get a loan of $500 until you get your next paycheck. Installment loans allow you to take around $5,000 and pay it off monthly. The final decision is yours. We will help you learn about all your options.

If you are going through hard financial times, let us help you. If you know somebody who needs our services, send them our way. On top of that, you can join us as a member. You are welcome anytime. Marin Grassroots will act in the interest of our local communities to help them thrive.