Marin Grassroots emerged as an organization in 1995 due to the vision of local community activists, organizers and service providers who recognized the need for an organization aimed at connecting and strengthening the voices of underrepresented communities. In 1998 Marin Grassroots gained 501(c)(3) status and since has emerged as a community-based organization whose primary purpose is to facilitate the development of grassroots leadership within low-income communities and communities of color. Marin Grassroots’ primary areas of work are Marin City, San Rafael’s Canal Area, and South Novato.
These are primarily neighborhoods of color with growing immigrant populations.
Partners receive support and leadership training as they build their organizing and advocacy capacities. Marin Grassroots is committed to facilitating cross-cultural communication and cooperation by, for example, providing tri-lingual translation at events and services. Recognizing the universal need for equitable access to resources, Marin Grassroots has succeeded in building a culturally diverse network that is working to support the empowerment of communities that are too often overlooked.
Our work is based on the belief that those who are directly affected by unjust systems and structures should be involved in changing them.