The people are the inspiration, the ones with the core knowledge of needs. Their stories change the world, letting us share our common stories while embracing our diverse cultures.


Our community is a combination of our collective stories and cultures sharing spaces and opportunities as we pursue our dreams and help others pursue theirs.


The Bridges are the relationships we build through the sharing of our stories and cultures. Embracing our own uniqueness and others becomes a powerful tool for understanding and compassion.

Black Lives Matter
Community Narrative
Boards and Commissions
Boards and Commissions

The point where people influence policy

We inform, educate and engage communities and their leaders on topics related to public policy, civic engagement and leadership development. Our work is guided by the Marin County Equal Voice Platform and our Strategic Plan. We currently realize our vision and further our mission through programs and events:

Now, more than ever we need to be involved to protect the strides we've made and to insure the march to equity is not halted in any way.